The Code and the Path

1. I will take care of my physical health by exercising, eating properly, and getting the rest I need to recover and rebuild. I will take care of my physical surroundings, keeping them in order.

2. I will develop myself mentally by reading, writing, drawing, building, creating, and engaging in other activities that sharpen and expand my mind.

3. I will not waste time. Time is precious.

4. I will not waste money and I will make prudent financial decisions. Money is hard to earn.

5. I will set goals that I will strive toward.

6. I will excel in my job because work is integral to life.

7. I will be humble and not allow my ego to negatively impact my decisions.

8. I will control my emotions and not allow my emotions to negatively impact my decisions.

9. I will put others before myself. I will help other people and protect those that cannot protect themselves. I will take care of my friends and family and treat other people with respect.

10. I will be ready to protect my friends and family. My gear will be ready. I will train and prepare to defend myself and others.”

The Path is:
A war against weakness, so it leads to strength.
A war against ignorance, so it leads to knowledge.
A war against confusion, so it leads to understanding.
The Path is your LIFE.