Territory Assigned

Men are made to protect the territory assigned to them and to assure that everything within that territory fulfills its God-ordained purpose. This is what manhood is designed for. This is how a man fulfills his purpose. His decision to “own” his field moves both the best that is within him and the best that God has to offer into that partnership I call Great Manhood.

Everything noble and manly arises from this. The gifts of a man for standing guard. The power of a man’s words to guide and encourage. The radiation of a man’s presence and his capacity to stand down enemies with barely a word. His skill for scanning a scene and detecting threat or need for repair. The insight to envision a future and fashion a plan to achieve it. The ability of men to team up, assume tasks according to skill, and go to war. The fierce capacity of most men to love deep, love rowdy, and love with almost terrifying passion. These are just some of the gifts that begin to emerge in a man when he decides to tend his field to the glory of God.

– Stephen Mansfield