Spencer’s Standing Orders for the Urban Defender

1. The defense is the strongest form of war. The attacker must come to you and you must be in prepared positions. He must cross the open street to attack you. Kill him in the streets and alleyways.

2. Never stop preparing the defense. Even when you are fighting you should be continuing to improve your positions.

3. Make the attacker go where you want, not where he wants. Build barriers as high as you can. Block all streets, alleyways, doors, and windows. Turn the city into a fortress of walls that make the enemy enter your prepared traps.

4. Use concrete. It is your greatest defensive resource. Do not use wood and sandbags, they are weak. Concrete reinforced by steel bars (rebar) is one of the strongest materials. Build barriers and fighting positions out of it.

5. Always hide yourself, your position, your weapons. Always believe the enemy can see you from above. If he can see you, he can strike you with missiles, bombs, and mortars. If you are always hiding, moving inside buildings, under tarps between buildings, the enemy will not be able to strike you.

6. Use any and all underground facilities. If there are none beneath you, start digging. The attacker will bomb you before assaulting. You can use the underground to hide, escape, protect yourselves, store supplies, move, and counterattack.

7. Surprise is everything. The attacker cannot see through concrete. You decide when and where the fighting will occur. The enemy fears urban snipers deeply. Make him think every window holds a sniper.

8. Fight in groups. One fighter is not enough. Fight in a minimum of 3-5 person teams.

9. Always attack from a protected and hidden position. It does not matter if you are throwing something or shooting something; do so from inside a building, from high or low floors, behind piles of rubble, or popping up from the underground.

10. Always have an escape plan after attacking. Put holes in walls, floors, and ceilings so you can run between rooms and buildings when the enemy bombs are falling, or if they are too close to you. Dig tunnels under buildings and houses as escape venues. Make lots of different interlocking attack positions. Pre-position supplies everywhere: ammo, grenades, rocket-propelled grenades, water, etc.

11. Do not get surprised. The enemy fears urban warfare. He will attempt to sneak past your defenses. Never have more than 2/3s of your fighters asleep.

12. Drink water. You cannot fight if you are dead. You can survive only 3 days without water, but 3 weeks without food. Purify any water (boil it, add bleach or iodine). If your pee is clear nothing to fear; yellow or brown you are going down.

13. Wash your hands before eating. Disease can kill you more than enemy bullets. When you eat and drink ensure that your latrines are more than 100 meters away. Do not let flies touch your food.

14. You must follow the laws of war. You must wear markings to identify you as fighters. No matter the enemy’s tactics, you must follow the laws of war to include handling of captured enemy fighters.