Get Tribal

As we transition from a democratic political environment, it is crucial that we reorient our thinking on certain things. Our entire lives–going back many generations–we’ve been sold the concept that consensus & majority agreement are moral values. Since we want to be good neighbors, our habit is to be open & welcoming to strangers no matter how different from us.

Those days have come to an end. The truth is those were never moral values; they were social norms & luxuries afforded our ancestors who built ethnically homogeneous countries. When the conditions change, that which is not morally required must be dispassionately reevaluated.

In the emergent social circumstances, you do not want a “big tent.” You do not want as many people as possible involved. You do not want as many viewpoints as you can find. You want the exact opposite. You need as few people as possible, who are in 100% alignment–to the point of losing their lives–who are dedicated to achieving the mission, whatever it is.

That guy who doesn’t have your background, your roots, your values? You need to view him as a potential threat, not to be trusted inside your group under any circumstances. If he really is an ally, he can be an ally from the outside, within his own people group–assuming your present interests are momentarily aligned.

The fact that clans, cell-based groups, & emergent prison structures all end up with the same rules isn’t because they’re bad or mean. It’s because the necessary level of implicit trust is on an entirely different level when every day is potentially a matter of life or death. We are now entering those days as normal, average people. Those who fail to ponder & internalize these lessons ahead of the merciless learning curve will most often pay with their lives. There will be no do-overs or runner-up prizes in what’s coming.

You’re going to have to make harder decisions than you’ve ever imagined. Many of you are going to have to treat immediate family members as the enemy, because they truly are. All of these divisions in community, church, & family over masks & injections & subservience to evil are both symptoms of the raging spiritual war, and some of its battlefields being thrown into focus for the first time.

And all of this is 100% Christian, despite the vacuous lies we’ve all been sold by well-meaning preachers. Jesus explicitly promised such division, especially in the last days. Our generation is utterly faithless & evil, and we are bearing the punishment for it. No one can complain, and no one can feign surprise. Everything that is and will happen is according to God’s plan, good and evil alike.

Author Unknown