Christian Duty

The first duty of all Christian churches is to proclaim clearly the gospel of Christ as Scripture has revealed it to us.

This message is that man by nature is a deserving object of God’s wrath, utterly without hope of saving himself. Dead in his filthiness, he is without God and without hope in the world. But before all worlds, God the Father selected by name a people to be called by His name, the number of whom cannot be increased, diminished, or counted by man. When the appointed time for their redemption came, God the Son took on human flesh and was born of a woman. According to the predetermined plan of God, the eternal Word of God died on a tree as a perfect and efficacious substitute for His people, those whom the Father had given Him.

As the message of this gospel progresses throughout the world, God the Spirit comes upon the men and women selected for salvation and in a wonderful and effectual way, regenerates them; those whom God has ordained to eternal life believe. This being the case, what shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? No true child of God will ever fall from the everlasting arms.

So here is the task before us. The Christian faith calls us to nothing short of world conquest. Without the power of the Spirit anointing it, all the doctrinal reformation in the world will simply be words and more words.

Douglas Wilson, “Mother Kirk”