The God they cannot See

It is hard to convince people that the loving God they CANNOT see sacrificed His Son for sinners and calls them to repentance to escape the wrath to come, when a church they CAN see celebrates and indulges the very sins that sent His Son to the cross. Joseph Boot

Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights written in a way anyone can understand it. These rights are inalienable and endowed unto you by your creator, simply by the virtue of being human. 1A. You have the right to speak freely, practice your religion freely, gather freely, report the news freely, protest freely, and express yourself freely without…… Continue reading Bill of Rights

Total Depravity (Radical Corruption)

R.C. Sproul Original sin has marred our nature. We are depraved. But how depraved are we? Are we simply less than perfect? What kind of improvements can we make within ourselves to change sin’s effect? In this message, Dr. Sproul looks at the distinctive doctrine of Reformed theology that is often misunderstood—”Total Depravity.”As we continue…… Continue reading Total Depravity (Radical Corruption)

Soli Deo Gloria

R.C. Sproul Theology must be God-dominated. Each of the three persons of the Trinity saves us in harmonious unity in a way that leads to worship all three divine persons. We have fellowship with the Son in grace, with the Father in love, and with the Holy Spirit in strength and comfort (2 Cor. 13:14;…… Continue reading Soli Deo Gloria

Sola Gratia

R.C. Sproul Theology must be grace-saturated. If we are saved by faith, then we are saved not by works but by grace alone (Rom. 11:6). Grace is God’s generous disposition by which He lavishes us with good things that we do not deserve. Everything we receive from God is by grace, from our daily bread…… Continue reading Sola Gratia

Sola Fide

R.C. Sproul Theology must be faith driven. Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). Like the empty hand of a beggar, faith reaches out to receive Christ. By faith, we believe that He who has promised is able to perform that which He promises (Rom. 4:21). God will fulfill His purposes, but…… Continue reading Sola Fide