Christian Duty

The first duty of all Christian churches is to proclaim clearly the gospel of Christ as Scripture has revealed it to us. This message is that man by nature is a deserving object of God’s wrath, utterly without hope of saving himself. Dead in his filthiness, he is without God and without hope in the…… Continue reading Christian Duty

Memento Mori

Prepare yourself now while you have the time. Start thinking about your own mortality and what you’d exchange it for because one day you might be offered a trade. Remember that you will die someday. The time of your death may be a mystery, but the character of your death is largely up to you.…… Continue reading Memento Mori

60 Day Reset

Every day for 60 days: 1. Workout every day at least 30 minutes.- Use compound movements, cardio, and lots of variety. Think CrossFit or HIIT.- Go for runs, put some weight in a backpack and go for a ruck march, etc.- Use this time to better yourself with podcasts and audio books. 2. Choose a…… Continue reading 60 Day Reset

Get Tribal

As we transition from a democratic political environment, it is crucial that we reorient our thinking on certain things. Our entire lives–going back many generations–we’ve been sold the concept that consensus & majority agreement are moral values. Since we want to be good neighbors, our habit is to be open & welcoming to strangers no…… Continue reading Get Tribal

A Heart Like Our Own

“But within the willingness to die for family and home, something inside us longs for someone to die beside… Someone to lock step with, another man with a heart like our own.” Matthew Axelson, United States Navy SEAL Born: June 28, 1976 Died: June 28, 2005